Inclán Insurance Services is in La Verne, right by the city of San Dimas
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All About San Dimas 

San Dimas Hardware
Inclán Insurance Services
 is located on the border between two San Gabriel cities, San Dimas and La Verne. Since we are proud and active members of both, we wanted to highlight each location. So, this month, we will cover San Dimas. Check back next month, when we discuss La Verne. San Dimas Insurance Company Inclán

San Dimas, California has 33,371 people and is located near the eastern edge of Los Angeles County. Despite its proximity to major metropolitan areas, the city retains the feel and character of a small town. At the foot of the San Gabriel Mountains, the town is 25 miles east of downtown Los Angeles. Inclán Insurance Services is proud to call the city of San Dimas home.

San Dimas HistoryHistory of the City

  • In the early 1800s, the area was called Mud Springs, named for the adjacent Mud Springs marsh.
  • The Gabrielino Indians occupied the area as early as 1000 B.C.
  • In 1774, white men ventured into the region.
  • Explorers, early settlers and cattle ranchers trickled into the region in the century that followed.
  • The community was formally added to maps in 1887.
  • The Santa Fe Railroad’s arrival triggered a land boom.
  • The San Jose Ranch Company built streets and constructed structures on lots.
  • Land agent M. Marshall opened the first business, a hardware store, at the corner of Bonita and Depot streets.San Dimas Hardware
  • Eventually, Mud Springs morphed into the agricultural community now known as San Dimas. It was filled with orange and other citrus crops.
  • The citrus nurseries faded and finally disappeared in the mid-1900s with increasing municipal development.
  • San Dimas was incorporated as a city in 1960.
  • Today, conscious of its heritage, San Dimas maintains an early western look in the downtown area, complete with wooden sidewalks and old-fashioned western storefront facades.

Fun Things to Do in San DimasFun Facts and things to do in San Dimas

San Dimas offers something for everyone, including a great central location for exploring Southern California or while traveling through on the way to Nevada or Arizona.

San Dimas Family Activities & Attractions

Check back next month, when we will discuss the city which is home to our official commercial location, La Verne.

Inclán Insurance ServicesAbout Inclán Insurance Services

Inclán Insurance Services in La Verne, California, near San Dimas, and offers myriad insurance programs, inside as well as far outside of our immediate geographical location. Among our book of extensive insurance offerings: commercial – cannabis, contractors, general liability, workers compensation, commercial auto, commercial property and entertainment; and personal – automobile, classic cars, motorcycle, homeowner’s, renter’s as well as life and health insurance.


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