Auto Insurance

Inclán StorefrontWe have established ourselves as insurance specialists who deliver tailor-made automobile insurance packages to ensure customer satisfaction. We proudly offer the highest quality customer service and support.

We have more than 40 years in the insurance industry, creating and delivering insurance solutions for California motorists. Our knowledge and experience enables us a deliver the perfect products for our customers.

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Inclan Insurance Services represent more than 100 well-respected insurance companies. Our team uses our extensive knowledge about each of these companies and their associated products to create custom-made insurance solutions for California drivers. We often combine a number of products to make sure our customers have the total protection they need. Our ability to match the perfect insurance solution to the right client has given us a sterling reputation for drivers across Southern California.

Why do you need automobile insurance coverage in California?

The State of California, where Inclán Insurance Services is located, requires drivers to maintain minimum levels of auto insurance coverage. Beyond the minimum, your insurer will offer many coverage options. What do they cover and which ones are right for you?

What does auto insurance cover?

Liability Insurance
This covers you in the event you are in a covered car accident and it is determined the accident is a result of your actions. Liability insurance will cover the cost of repairing Auto Pic
any property damaged by an accident as well as the medical bills from resulting injuries. Most states have a minimum requirement for the amount of liability insurance coverage that drivers must have.

Collision Coverage
If there is a covered accident, collision coverage will pay for the repairs to your car. If your car is totaled (where the cost to repair it exceeds the value of the vehicle) in an accident, collision coverage can pay up to the value of your car.

Comprehensive Coverage
240_F_157615833_ngN0hMhuEbmWoS8GqYRvPWyGU6elnO4RWhat if something happens to your car that is unrelated to a covered accident – weather damage, you hit a deer, your car is stolen – will your insurance company cover the loss? Liability insurance and collision coverage cover accidents, but not these situations. These situations are covered by Comprehensive (other than Collision) coverage.

Uninsured Motorist/Underinsured Motorist
While state laws mandate that all drivers should be insured, this is unfortunately not always the case. Another issue that can arise is that while a driver may have liability insurance, many states have relatively low minimum coverage requirements that may not be enough to cover all of the expenses of an accident. So, if someone is legally responsible for damages related to an accident, you won’t receive any payment if they do not have coverage or you will receive less than you need to cover the cost of damages if your damages exceed their coverage amount. This is the type of situation where Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Protection would help with expenses.